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Anti-Terrorist Cover Fire Special OPS 2019 Screenshot 0
Anti-Terrorist Cover Fire Special OPS 2019 Screenshot 1
Anti-Terrorist Cover Fire Special OPS 2019 Screenshot 2
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About Anti-Terrorist Cover Fire Special OPS 2019

Are your days dulled due to so many shooting games? This blockbusting game is here for you to entertain yourself. This game is one of its kind with extraordinary gameplay experience and perfectly build levels just so you have the best shooting game experience. At each level, you will be individually challenged by your enemies with different weapons. Control these kinds of rambunctious situations with state of the art weapons and master controls and get yourself absorbed in this extreme shooting game. Your enemies are waiting for you. They are waiting for you to come so that they can attack you with their might. You will individually take out all your enemies with weapons provided to you at each level. Unlock all the weapons and deal with rambunctious situations with intense firepower.

You have been dulled by your daily routine and it is difficult to find a game that is both exciting and intense. There are lots of shooting games and each game has either similar concept or similar gameplay. This game has many battlegrounds with enemies at different locations attacking you from all directions. You have to be absorbed in calm mind so that you can easily point out your enemies and kill them and take control of any rambunctious enemy. Get out of your dulled days and enjoy this blockbusting game as much as possible.
The controls in this game are super easy. Aim on your enemy by tapping on the aim icon. Shoot your enemy with bullet button. You can also jump off obstacles. Change your weapons and skins regularly to increase your weapon’s effect. This blockbusting game has all the fun you need. You will never be dulled by this extremely intense shooting game. You will individually deal with dangerous enemies like a commando and take down your rambunctious enemies with your weapons absorbed with great power.

Enjoy this block busting game and be a commando individually and let your dulled days be absorbed with intense fight!

Mayank chotala
Gdhdh Dhjdhd
I love it
Rapheal Mataa
Very nice game
Tanmay Kar Behera