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About PayALL Merchant

PayALL has been designed to both keep our credit card details in a safe place and let us shop with peace of mind without sharing such details, at a time when we share more information on the internet or in shopping.
PayALL is an easy mobile wallet where you can keep all your credit cards safely, without fear for theft or duplication and make payment when you don’t have your cards with you.

Anywhere you can pay with PayALL, you can enjoy all advantages of that point of payment without sharing your card information

• You can safely keep all your credit cards in one application.
• You can make all your payments that can be made with a credit card.
• You can make transactions even when you are not there, without giving your credit card to anyone.
• You can shop freely without having your cards with you.

Is PayALL free?
Yes. You can use all features of PayALL without paying any commission.

How many cards can I define on PayALL?
You can define as many cards as you like. Our system does not have any card restriction.