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About Digest Inn

Digest Inn is a mobile game that helps the dietitian improve the treatment of their clients. Digest Inn motivates and encourages players to achieve their treatment goals.

This playful interactive tool uses a plethora of methods to make dieting more effective and enjoyable.

Digest Inn is based on the fun factor from the creative industry and scientific knowledge from the research world.

Use physical activity and exercise throughout the day to collect points. Spend your points to unlock rooms in your Inn and make them more luxurious!

Decorate your Inn
Unlock new rooms by getting enough exercise and eating healthy. Furnish these rooms to your own taste and build on your unique Inn experience!

Follow your progress
Stay up to date with your own health as your Inn adjusts to your eating and exercise habits over time. Make sure your guests come back to eat, sleep and enjoy themselves!

Feel good
By playing Digest Inn, eating healthy and exercising sufficiently will finally become fun! Digest Inn helps you to feel comfortable and to achieve your health goals!