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About Glucose Diabetic Diary

If you are a diabetic then the Glucose Diabetes Diary app is exclusively designed for you. User can enter the Blood Glucose reading in application.

The application enables user to obtain the records in statistical form. Best app for recording Blood Sugar readings

This application will represent the data in more logical and analytical form to help the user understand his/her health situation in much better way.

The application tracks almost all aspects of the diabetes treatment and provides you and with detailed reports, charts and statistics

. If you are a diabetic you should take extra care of your blood sugar level because Without ongoing, careful management,

diabetes can lead to a build of sugars levels in the blood, which can increase the risk of dangerous complications, including heart disease

Glucose Diabetes Diary Features
- Shows graph/ Statistics of your blood sugar
- Blood Glucose Tracker
- Blood Pressure and Pulse
- Year &Weekly & monthly averages
- Real-time data sharing with healthcare providers
- Your daily measurements in the dashboard at a glance

Data Record:
- Allows user to set their own blood glucose target values
- Allows user to set their own PULSE heart target values
- Allows user to set their own SYS target values

- Do you keep forgetting to save the test DIA ? Glucose Diabetes Diary provides a time alarm will reminds you every 9 hours

Search faster :
-you can easily search to any record by put a tag

Data export:
- you can export to csv

Articles for health:
- best healthcare articles
- a great idea for diabetes reduce
- Exercise and Tips

Offline support. View, add, or modify data, even when there is no network connection

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Great app
Wilbert Green
abby jason
This app is very good and works fine for testing amd tracking blood sugar. The user interface is also good to use. Overall good experience with good performance.
Jason Smith