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About Make It - To-do lists, reminders and notes

Make It will simplify your life ✨

Organize your life in a simple, fast and efficient way to save time and optimize your productivity. The Make It application allows you to manage your everyday shopping lists, but also your tasks and your notes as you have never seen it.

Shopping list🛍️

No more omissions, the shopping list was designed by and for users.
Add the elements in one click, and delete them once found by pressing.
You can recreate a list thanks to the concept of reusable element. No more retyping your lists every time.

Task list✔️

Manage your tasks, in one click quickly and efficiently. You can add a reminder and sub-tasks to your task to complete it. Now you're the pro of the organization!


Add notes, assign colors. Read your notes and edit them in one click.

Reminders by notification🔔

An emergency ? A fear of forgetting? Each task you have created can be linked to a reminder, you just have to choose the date and time and you will be notified to the minute.


Is your task complex, or requires several actions? No problem, you can add subtasks to your task and check the completed subtasks to follow your progress. And it is of course possible to add reminders to each of your subtasks.

Delegation of tasks👪

Don't want to do a task? No problem, Make It has a feature that lets you delegate any task through sms, social media and more.

One touch👌

At a time when most task management applications are becoming more complex with an avalanche of functionalities which moves away from task management, we are trying to simplify ourselves to stay in the management of your life and simplify it.
In one click, on each of your tasks you will access all the options: modify, delete, delegate, add a reminder, see the sub-tasks. No zigzag gesture to memorize, just a click.

Why I have to download Make It 📱

The Make It application brings your whole organization together in one place, forget your shopping list application, one for tasks and the other for your note taking. Make It put them all together in one place! What better way to save time and boost productivity? 🙂

As you can see, Make It is a concentrate of the essentials of the organization.

We sincerely hope that you like the application, it was designed with simplicity and beauty to satisfy each of our users. It took a lot of work and hard work to get where it is today.

We remain at your disposal to improve our application, so do not hesitate to contact us and especially to leave a note to thank us for the work on the application.😉

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Nice app, can i ask you as starting Android developer how did you make that text with semi transparent dark background on startup. Would really appreciate it!