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About BabyRiki: Kids Coloring Game!

Do you like children games for babies and paint for kids? 👶 Then these drawing games for toddlers are for you! This is coloring for kids! A real coloring book for kids, where drawings come to life!🎨

Krashy, Chichi, Rosy, Wally, and Pandy will teach paint for kids step by step! Pick any character and their favorite toy to draw it together. A ball for Krashy or a ship for Chichi, the drawing is coming alive before your eyes! A BabyRiki can play with the unique toy colored by your kid! Krashy takes a bright colorful ball and... Goooal! ⚽🥅

Every BabyRiki has their unique personality! 😜 Fretful Krashy loves active games for little kids, Rosy the beauty enjoys games for girls, serious Chichi is into building the tallest pyramids, Wally, always a dreamer, is a fan of drawing games for kids, while naughty Pandy adores children games for babies and helping her friends. Your kid will surely find something for their taste! That's why we created coloring games for kids! 😍

❤️ Pencils, brushes, paints... everything's set? 🖌️🎨✏️ Bring your good mood and plunge into the world of creativity and imagination! Let's go coloring for kids! ❤️

👩‍🏫📚 What's inside the developing kids coloring game:
- your favorite BabyRiki characters;
- many pictures to coloring for kids;
- developing drawing for kids lessons;
- new vocabulary in drawing games for toddlers;
- a vast range of tools and paints;
- drawing for kids and easy app interface;
- learn-as-you-play approach;
- creativity development in your kid. 🤗

The children games for babies will be perfect even for the smallest users from 0 to 3 years old. Paint for kids and coloring tools are easy to use, and the kid will definitely like the simple controls, bright colors, and cute animated series characters! This is kids coloring game! 🧑‍🎨🖌️

A coloring games for kids with BabyRiki is not an ordinary fun games for little kids but an learning games for kids. Drawing games for kids develop kids' imagination, logic, dexterity, while helping to explore the world around us and broaden kids' horizons. Developing coloring book for kids will give the little artist huge room for creativity and artistic potential! Little kids games and drawing games for toddlers is a real parental helper! 👧🧒

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Little kids games - drawing never been that fun! This is not just a coloring book for kids, but also learning games for kids!