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GT Racing Super Auto Roof Jumping Car Driving Screenshot 0
GT Racing Super Auto Roof Jumping Car Driving Screenshot 1
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About GT Racing Super Auto Roof Jumping Car Driving

Are you a crazy car driver and wana smash the roads hard and do lightning stunts and want to do roof jumping while driving prado and ferrari? If yes then this is the ultimate game for you to break all the records and obstacles insanely. Yes GT Racing Super Auto Roof Jumping Car Driving is the game for super heroes who wants some extra challenges in life and who are crazy for doing car stunts on rooftop. This is the super auto car game for the dream achievers and for them who dreams to be a parking panda and city jumper king. Ride the cars fast & furious and be a record breaker. Race with superheroes all around the world like supermono , batmono , irono man , ultra, knock furo ,flasho and spidermono. This is the game designed for smart kids and have no time limits. There are multi storey parking slots through which the car drivers ride extreme fast and rush through the hot roofs hopping not to get a car accident and not to break a blue glass like a glass breaker. Multiple storey car parking roof top is a hot game now a days and is very popular among kids and kids ride the super cars and enjoy the motor vehicles and become a star a super star. The motor authority company warns the kids not to drive super cars, tunning cars ,pixel cars to fast on a highway because the wheels get hot and may burn due to high speed. There are different car brands in this game , you can drive ferrai , parado and number of luxury super auto cars, tunning cars and amuse the audience by driving such beautiful cars and you can do crazy stunts which are possible in this game. A single driver can do more fun instead of two drivers , single driver can be a demolition man and can jump from a tower or from towers rooftop and chase other riders in the town. There is a garage full of cars from which you can choose super auto cars, xtreme cars , super extreme cars ,super hero cars ,derby race motor vehicles and bundle of other luxury cars like ferrari and prado. Be habitual in winning the race with other smart kids in the town. This is limit less game and has no limits for traffic so you have to use nitro circuit to boost the engines of your car and gamefly other cars behind . Be a dr of driving and air master and fly throught the deserts of sahara. Their are mega ramps in this game and multiple racing tracks for kids , so fasten your seat belts in the cockpit and drive like a mad car driver insanely and be habitual in overtaking other drivers and show your passion. Be aware of the scooter drivers , the scooter drivers are sensible drivers and build traffic to restrict you in achieving your dreams.

Amazing graphics in this game you will see and change of different environments . The graphical content of this game is awsome and adventerous and the gymkhana club is a good place to see in this real 3d glow racing GT simulator game. In case of rain use viper of the car and drop down the roof of the car like in a vmx v game. Be an amazing spider boy and leap over the obstacles sensibly.

* Amazing Graphics
* Beautiful Environment
* Very sensitive and easy controls
* Realtime racing
* Lots of very high detailed vehicles

Gameplay :
* GT Racing roof jumping stunt gameplay
* Easy to play difficuilt to master for kids
* Lots of race events and much more

Enjoy GT racing super auto roof jumping car driving !