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About Mind Mends

What is the app designed to do?

- Help you to be more happy with your life (even if you already are ;))
- Help you increase your confidence
- Help you to be more social
- Just live a more healthy life overall

Based on scientific psychological literature that shows it works.

But the main part here is your own work that you're willing to put in. The app simply is a helpful tool, but it can not magically make you better, only you can.

Security disclaimer: This application is only meant to support the user in their improvement, but they have to bring intrinsic motivation with them for this to work. It is not claimed that the app can do so through simple usage. The developer is not a professional doctor or psychiatrist; if you suffer from serious issues or depression, please visit a professional.

I know the developer from memedroid app , I'd be happy to leave a 5 star for this young talent
Mehran Naderi
Dang good
Chelsea Jahn
I got to support the one and only HCO but I went on it and saw that is a really well made app, you deserve every drop of praise you get and good luck on your journey
why tho