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About InPics Shot - Best Photo, Selfie & Video Editor

The best Photo & Video editor you deserve.

Best FREE Photo and Video Editor and Video Maker with blur background and no crop.

All-in-one movie maker, you will never regret getting it.

Best movie maker and video editor, which helps you create video with ease, edit video for YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Musically and other social media.


Video Trimmer & Video Cutter
Trim and cut the video to the length you need. Export video in HD quality. Easy-to-use free video editor for YouTube.

Text & Sticker
1. Add subtitles for your videos, many fonts supported.
2. Add stylish animated stickers and emojis, quote stickers etc. Updating weekly.

Video Rotate & Video Flip
Rotate video by 90 degree.
Flip video up to down or left to right.

Easy to Share
1. Custom video export resolution, HD resolution. Compress video without losing quality.
2. Share to social apps like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Messenger, Musically, Tik Tok, Twitter etc.

No watermark.

Add custom coloured borders to the Videos/Photos before posting to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or any other social network.

Add custom background patterns to Photos.

Add image blur background to the Photos.

Add different filters, effects, stickers to the Photos.

Add text, draw, remove imperfections from the Photos.

Rotate video/image before posting.

Make any video/image beautiful.

Request for new features via feedback.

InPics Photo and Video Editor allows you to post videos and photos of any size and resolution to any social networks.


Q: Can I request/suggest a new feature?
A: Yes. Suggestions and requests are welcomed. You can send suggestions and requests via feedback.

Q: How can I report bugs?
A: Report bugs via feedback.

Q: How to post photos/videos to any social network without cropping?
A: Put a white border to the photo/video from InPics Photo and Video Editor, save and share.

Q: Where are the edited files saved?
A: The files will be saved to the "InPics" folder on your sdcard. You need a external sdcard to use this app.

Q: Is the photo/video quality compromised?
A: It depends on the quality of the input file. We try to keep the best quality to size ratio.

Q: How much time does it take to render the video?
A: It depends on the input video size, resolution and your device's ram. It can approximately take 1-2 minutes to render a 1 minute 720p video. This is just an approximation, it may work faster/slower for you, depending on your device's performance.

If you enjoy using our app, please take a minute to write us a nice review. It really helps!

Thank you.

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Dilip KUMAR Singh
I am very satisfied with this app. Thanks
shrutika nikhar
My To Go To APP! I Love How It Uses Photos & Videos! I Love How Easy It Is! I Love How You Can Crop It And Blur The Background It's The Most I Use! I Love That Is Free!
Rebeca G