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Police Gorilla Robot Hero Transform: City Rampage Screenshot 0
Police Gorilla Robot Hero Transform: City Rampage Screenshot 1
Police Gorilla Robot Hero Transform: City Rampage Screenshot 2
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About Police Gorilla Robot Hero Transform: City Rampage

Police Gorilla Robot Transform: Crime City Rampage

Dubai Entertainment brings you another future impossible robot gorilla transforming game or Robot animal rescue as a robot gorilla hunter. Are you ready for Ultimate police Gorilla Robot Transform: Crime City Rampage in which you can transform king Kong gorilla into robot gorilla or monster robot hero city battle? If your answer is in yes, then it’s time to start angry gorilla robot battle and Robot animal rescue. It's a time to transform robot action gorilla to fight with transmute enemies and defeat all monster robot hero city battle animals over the city in this monkey rescue gorilla simulator. This Ultimate Police Gorilla Robot Gorilla Transform: City Rampage is completely different from other robot transformation hero fight games. In this robot gorilla hero fighting game, you are going to control the grand hero city battle rampage from big robot animal rescue destruction, as you are going to finish your bigfoot monster enemies. Be monkey rescue gorilla robot and kill enemies with massive wild robot gorilla attack and save humanity from bigfoot monster city rampage. You will be an angry gorilla robot and your first duty is to protect the people at any price and because you can transform yourself into a king Kong robot gorilla and robot animal rescue monkey, therefore you will be also able do massive wild robot gorilla transformation gorilla attack in this robot action gorilla hunter game. Be prepared as you are going to fight against other evil impossible robots in monkey rescue police robot gorilla simulator.

The bigfoot monster robot gorilla have started the war against citizen and they have special robot fighting skills and they are now destroying grand city buildings and hospitals to cause city rampage. Enjoy latest robot action gorilla transforming yourself into a future robot gorilla animal rescue. So get ready for the robot hero fighting game and become a grand city king kong robot rescue gorilla animal rescue crazy robot superhero and get ready for epic battle with bigfoot monster evil robots. Ultimate Police Gorilla Robot Transform: Crime City Rampage offers amazing robot fighting skills, like wild gorilla attack, gorilla rampage and gorilla hunter. So, Play as a robot gorilla animal rescue king kong gorilla robot transform with infinite power as real robot action beast and start protecting your nation in crazy robot hero fighting games. As an action impossible robot angry gorilla hunter build your special police robot gorilla animal transform team while fighting with the monster evil transmute robots because they are highly trained and your one wrong move will cost you so much in a grand city rampage. So start your robot hero fighting with these evil robots by transforming yourself into animal rescue robot gorilla simulator in crime city battle.

Challenge the rescue robotic enemies in Ultimate Police Gorilla Robot Transform: Crime City Rampage and real robot shooting games. Transforming robot gorilla games and ultimate gorilla robot fighting games are always a source of great fun for action games lovers, this made us bring up for you a new robots transformation with gorilla robot. Here we offer intensive animal rescue missions with gorilla attack that includes incredible robot battle between angry gorilla transforming robot and mech robot warriors. Ultimate robot fighting and mech robot battle against battle machines is new shooting game that stands on top among best robot war games and future impossible robot games. Wild gorilla robot transforming game is newest idea to bring the ultimate police gorilla transforming robots, mech robot warriors and grand giant robots, face to face in single universe. That’s not final dude, this multi robot transforming game got something more than that. Gorilla robot game and robot car transforming game with real robot game is also the part of this small size package of robot games.

Moving around the city as gorrila robot doing rampage is great fun
Fahad Mughal
wow... l really liked the gorilla robot. The game is really fun n addictive. so far the best gorilla robot transformation game.
farmday testing
this game has been very good and havey i like this game can you belive me uli like for this game any bady you dowbload for this game you can belive good game in this word
ali bhatti