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About 30 Day Push Ups Challenge

Challenge yourself to get a awesome chest within 30 days by following our pushups workouts fitness routines! Download our 30 Days Pushups Workout Challenge and receive all the instructions you need to follow in order to have perfect body after 30 days of focus training. We know that our pushups challenge is totally doable if you stick to our workout calendar and fitness routines that we provide for you. So, no more excuses. Download our app and start doing all the pushups exercise to get the perfect fitness you always want!

We also realize that self discipline can be difficult without a personal fitness instructor by your side. This is why we also set up reminder to remind and motivate you to do your daily fitness routines in order for you to be successful in your pushups challenge. You can also invite your friends and do the pushups exercises together. This way you can remind each other to stick to our pushups training routine every day to get a maximum result.

30 Days Pushups Workout Challenge HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES:

• Our app has a great user interface and very easy to use.
• We help you set a clear goal for 30 days
• Our custom workout guide will help you achieve your goal in straightforward way. All you have to do is follow our Pushups training instructions every day.
• Complete step by step instructions with colorful images to make sure you can follow all our fitness routines and abs exercises correctly to get maximum result.
• Set up a reminder to notify you to do your daily quick workouts of the day.
• Get health tips that will help you lose body fat and maximize your workout results.
• Share these tips on your favorite social network: Facebook, Whatsapp, or other social networking apps so that the tips will benefit everyone.
• Share your workout status to your friends and family on your favorite social networking apps.
• Invite your friends to do this pushups challenge together. Social support is a great motivator and make you even more determined to workout hard.


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Easy to use
Robert Provost
Only on day 15 beginner at the time of review. It is simple and free due to ads. Due to my age and I do struggle with pushups, but this app is great. Starts of with little number of pushups and builds up. A ...
Sharon Cook
It is really good and there's a day push-ups like I like it I'm doing the extra and I'm a kid and they can they tell me to do 30 push-ups to 20 so I hopefully you're add 30 pushups push-ups next time thanks
Noah Cas