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About UbiBot - IoT Console

Control panel for managing UbiBot’s IoT device series.

This version of the App provides the following features:
1) Data management: View real-time and historical IoT sensor data, graph raw or average data, share data channels and groups, manage automatic alerts when readings cross user-defined thresholds, export data in CSV format.
2) Device Management: Adjust sampling rates for the sensors on the IoT device, enable/disable sensors, change how often the devices synchronises with the UbiBot IoT Platform, monitor data usage, view device details (battery status, serial number, etc.)
3) Logs and messages: Manage data logs, view alert notifications and see details of data imports and exports.
4) IoT Device Setup: Setup device Wi-Fi and GPRS (not available on WS1)
5) Account management: Create user account, update account details, password reset.

More info:

App works great with WS1. Phenomenal value for this kind of monitoring. Unable to reorder the devices in the list once they are added.
Ryan Olthof
Great app, great data. Using this app for data on ws1 from a grow tent. Great array of data and using the syncing to Google sheets for more analysis.
Rodney Miller
Excellent app to go with UbiBot environment sensor system. Works as described. No crashes or bugs affecting use. Best bang for buck IOT environmental sensor by far. Regular updates continue to improve it.
Brendan Short