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About Kluna Tik ASMR

Kluna Tik ASMR app player not providing any facility of caching and downloading any tracks.
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I was very astounded with ASMR videos on Kluna Tik ASMR. Unforgettable experiences!
David Bunning
Eating sounds without words is so interesting and funny to me. Luckily I found Kluna Tik ASMR full of ASMR videos.
Gresham Stella
Kluna Tik ASMR is highly addictive to anyone who like hearing eating sounds like me. All those videos satisfied me a lot.
Kai Walder
Really enjoy all the ASMR available on this app. I quite like the idea behind this one. Definitely worth trying!
Darwin Abigail
Kluna Tik ASMR is not only funny but also useful. It helps me relax a lot and have great time enjoying all those ASMR videos. Thanks.
Jeremy De Hamel
I was quite impressed with the unique ASMR videos available on Kluna Tik ASMR. This is the first time I use this app and I love it so much.
Maum Zachary