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About Dan's Crystal Ball

Ever wonder what the future holds? Not sure if your friends are telling the truth? Say anything or ask the Crystal Balls whatever is on your mind and receive the answer you wanted (or didn't want to hear).

This app accurately predicted all major world events including Y2K and and the end of the world in 2012. Want to know if that cute girl in class wants to go out? Just ask and shake my Crystal Ball and you'll have the confidence to ask (or not ask) knowing what she'll answer beforehand.

Here are some paid actors who represent real people who heard from a friend who used Dan's Crystal Ball:

"I used Dan's Crystal Ball and now I knew what I was going to order for dinner before I got to the restaurant!"

"Since graduating from high school my mom always tells me to move out and get a job but with Dan's Crystal Ball I can actually prove to her that its better for me to live at home."

"I always wish I knew if I were cool or not, but Dan's Crystal Ball told me '50/50 chance'! Thanks Dan's Crystal Ball, that's the nicest thing anyone has said to me since I won Bingo last week!"

**Note that this app is a joke and doesn't really answer your questions. The fact that I have to explain this shows the sad shape of our society.**

Omg it works
Riley Etchison