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About carVertical: Check Car History

Are you looking for a used vehicle? Want to learn the full history and specs of your own car?

Avoid costly problems by checking car history. Use carVertical VIN decoder and instantly get a full-scale vehicle history report.

VIN number lookup will reveal whether the car has been clocked, damaged in an accident, or stolen. In most cases, our auto check also provides vehicle photos from the past. Therefore, you can judge for yourself what the condition of the car was at that time.

Among other essentials, you’ll learn previous prices history, common model bugs, upcoming maintenance details, and more information that will definitely be useful for the car owner. 

Besides that, carVertical VIN lookup will also show the car details, including production year, engine power, body, transmission, and drive type. Also, the app will reveal a comprehensive manufacturer’s equipment list.

In addition to that, carVertical app provides a detailed checklist to go through when you are examining the vehicle in reality. From VIN locations on car’s body to specific models faults - this is our shoulder to lean on for you when negotiating with the seller. 

Perform your car check via carVertical platform now and get a comprehensive car report.


Well, it’s easily done in 3 simple steps:

FIND VIN – vehicle identification number, also called body number, VIN code, or similar. You can find this 17-symbol sequence on your car body or documents.
SUBMIT VIN to carVertical app, and we’ll start our data search, processing, and analysis.
OBTAIN our full car history and reduce anxiety about the upcoming deal or your car’s history.


VIN number is a unique code used to record all essential car history facts from the production line to the scrap.

When the time comes, a quality VIN checker, such as carVertical app, can identify any vehicle from Audi to Mercedes, from BMW to Toyota, and decode all the entries about it that have been recorded on various databases all over the world.


Analyzing the vehicle’s history and condition on different dates helps to spot various frauds or discrepancies that the dishonest seller might want to hide from you: odometer rollbacks, concealed damage, thefts, bugs, and so on.

Knowing more facts about the vehicle’s past allows you to make a more confident decision of whether to purchase this car. Also, every car defect or flaw could become your argument in negotiation on price or better conditions of the deal.


This advanced and detailed VIN checker:

Can save you large sums of money – even a small amount of missing information from vehicle history can mean thousands of euros or dollars in repairs down the road.

Helps to be safe on the road – by buying a car without knowing a full history, you risk of driving an unsafe vehicle. Ensure that your future car did not have any major accidents that can make it dangerous for you and your loved ones.

Provides only reliable information that cannot be faked - we process and verify all the data, blockchain confirms it’s reliability. This means that car’s history cannot be changed, faked, or manipulated.

Make sure you know everything about the car before you buy it. Invest just a fraction in purchasing a history report.

Always check the vehicle history with VIN decoder.

Get and use carVertical app now!

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Good for everyone, I will use it more for future car purchases. I find Car History Check: VIN Decoder to be a great app that everyone should have before deciding to buy a used car.
Нина Шапошникова
I will recommend this app to friends who buy my car because it's so cool.
Betanzos Eduardo
I like this app because it's convenient for me, from now on I no longer have to worry about the dealer lying or not because the Car History Check: VIN Decoder helps me check the history of that vehicle.
Yessenia Lingley
This is too good and I am satisfied with everything about it.
Angel Aldahir Reyes
it helps me a lot at work by viewing and checking the history of the car easily. Car History Check: VIN Decoder quickly revealed me the detailed information about the vehicle and equipment list for me to che...
Лидия Назарова
Great app, I will keep this app on my phone as it is great and runs really well.Car History Check: VIN Decoder has helped me a lot in buying used cars. Thanks!
Carlos Mendoza