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About ORDEROW - Everything delivery app

Orderow is an on demand delivery service which aims to provide anything online.
Orderow is currently LIVE in Pathankot city.
Orderow's main focus is to save your time and money by delivering items within a short duration.

We deliver items from the following categories:

- Food

- Cakes

- Bouquets

- Medicines

- Gifts

- Customize your order (the most exciting category where you can order anything not listed in above categories)

How does "customize your order" category work?

Under ‘What do you want to order’? simply type in the item(s) you need. You can add multiple items as long it is all collectable from the same address.

Some examples – from home address
Please pick up my office keys
Please pick up an office file
Please bring my phone charger for an iPhone

Other examples – from a shop
I need a necklace for a birthday present within the price limit 1000-2000rs.
I need a birthday card for a 21-year-old girl.

Once you have specified what you need, there are 2 options for pick up delivery: Anywhere or Custom.

If you choose ‘Anywhere’, this option allows the Orderow team to choose where they can collect the item from their nearest pick up point.

If you choose ‘Custom’, this option asks for a specific address from you, of where you would like your item to be collected from.

The name of the company/persons and their address are mandatory fields for the pickup location.
The email address and the phone number are optional fields for the pickup location.

Once the order has been placed, a Chat Support Agent (CSA) will be assigned to you and will guide you with your order. An Orderow Delivery Partner (ODP) will pick up your items from the company/person specified and deliver these to the delivery address.

Payment methods - Cash On Delivery (COD) or pay online
When an Orderow Delivery Partner (ODP) has delivered your items, you can choose to either give Cash On Delivery (COD) or you have the option to pay online prior to having the item(s) delivered.

Best app to use ever. I think its unique ,, the one app that can deliver anything.
Sahil Dhiman
great work.
Atul Sharma
well done
Sourav Collection