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About Transport City: Truck Tycoon

Are you ready to run your Transport City and become a Truck Tycoon!?

✔️ Based on Real-World Supply Chain & Logistic System
– Completing missions with different kinds of Trucks in this fun simulation game

✔️ Easy to play!
– Simple control and operation, suitable for all kinds of player experience
– All you need is “Tap” – Tap to collect, Tap to deliver, Tap to Build, and Tap to…

✔️ “YOU” Are The Key Element of This Game
– Will you discover your way of playing the game!? Earn Money, Upgrade, Create your own Transport City

✔️ Over 20 Familiar Trucks in Your Transport City
– Collect your favorite trucks, upgrade them and reach their full transport potential

✔️ New Cities and Buildings are Waiting for You to Unlock
– You can build a series of famous chain stores in your Transport City

✔️ Drivers are The Important Components besides Vehicles
– Hire recognizable drivers to work for your transport city. Do you know who they are!?

🚜Farm Truck – Collect Produce & Livestock 🥔🌽🍊🐖🐂🐓
🚐 Pickup Truck – Collect Raw Material 🧱🔩
🚚 Construction Truck – Build Factories, Chain Stores & Residence 🏭 🏢
🚛 Cargo Truck – Deliver Goods to Stores🥩🍗 🌭🌮🍕🌽🍿🍞
🚒 Fire Truck – Carry Equipment for the Firefighting Operation🔥🔥

🏆We Bring Adventure to Life!🏆
🎉 This is a Casual and Simulation Tycoon Game
⏱️ Training your time management skill
💪 Showing you a circular logistic chain in the real world
💖 Hope you could having fun and joy in Transport City: Truck Tycoon

⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Download and Play Now and Have Fun!⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Why would I love this game?

This game is based on a real-world supply chain and logistic system, making it a realistic and fun simulation game.

How easy is it to play?

The game has simple controls and operations, suitable for all kinds of player experiences. All you need to do is tap to collect, deliver, build, and more.

Can I personalize my experience in the game?

Absolutely! You are the key element of this game, and you can earn money, upgrade your trucks, and create your own transport city.

How many different trucks are available in the game?

There are over 20 familiar trucks waiting for you in your transport city. You can collect them, upgrade them, and maximize their transport potential.

Are there new cities and buildings to unlock?

Yes, as you progress in the game, you can unlock new cities and buildings. You can even build a series of famous chain stores in your transport city.

Are the drivers important in the game?

Absolutely! Drivers are crucial components alongside vehicles. You can hire recognizable drivers to work for your transport city.

What are the different types of trucks and their missions?

There are various trucks with different missions:

What does this game offer in terms of gameplay?

This game offers a casual and simulation tycoon experience. It trains your time management skills and showcases a circular logistic chain in the real world.

How can I download and start playing the game?

Simply download the game now, and start having fun in Transport City: Truck Tycoon!