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About Feedmesh

Feedmesh is your quick and easy way to organize and read all the content from your favorite websites, blogs, and other online sources.

Our goal is to be fast and simple. The Feedmesh interface presents content as cards laid out in rows and columns (“mesh”) with a single source of content (“feed”) per row. More advanced users can create separate categories (tabs) and merge more than one source of related content into a single row.

There are no fancy algorithms, and there doesn't need to be. Feedmesh doesn't try to guess what you want to read; it just provides you a list of new articles in reverse chronological order from when they were published by the source. Just glance through stories and dig in when you see something that interests you.

Feedmesh is powered by RSS and is an open system. You can add any, and as many, RSS feeds as you want, or search for something based on keywords or topics if you don't know the URL of the RSS feed you want to add. We also allow you to import your RSS feeds from another service via our website.

With Feedmesh, we are hoping to fill the gap left by RSS readers of days gone by, where users demand simplicity and an easily understandable visual experience.

Additions and updates planned for future releases include:
- Offline access to articles and ability to schedule synchronization of offline content
- Option to download images and fetch full-text only when connected to wifi
- An overall darker theme option

Please Note: Feedmesh does NOT integrate into third party aggregators such as Feedly. We currently do not have plans to support these services. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please reach out to [email protected] for any support related questions. We would love to help and want to make sure you have the best experience possible.

mojtaba Mehri
Blows any other news reader out of the water. Love it, light, small and performant!
Derek Anderson
Great replacement for the news aggregation app, that LinkedIn bought and then trashed. Great design, easy to use and setup. Thanks
Mark Gray