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About Block Puzzle Game - IQ Games

Play the classic popular puzzle game in an app!
Exercise your brain with simple block puzzle!

You can also play offline. The perfect match for a casual game!
Keep erasing blocks to get a high score!

👍How to play
(1) Place: Drag and place blocks of various shapes.
(2) Align: Align the blocks in vertical and horizontal lines or 3x3 boxes.
(3) Combo: Get a combo bonus if you line up the blocks in a row!
(4) Update your score: The game is over when you can't place any more blocks. Keep on solving the puzzle as long as you can and try to beat your score!

・Easy to use, yet deep!
・Fill in the spaces just like Tetris!
・There is no time limit. You can play the game at your own pace.
・In the daily mode, you can try to clear the daily stages.
・When you run out of blocks to place, you can continue erasing blocks by going back one move or resetting blocks.
・You can compare your daily scores and feel the improvement of your puzzle skills.

👌Recommended for these people!
- People who want to relax with puzzle games.
- People who are looking for an app game that is free and can be played all the time.
- People who want to have fun with friends playing popular games.
- People who like puzzle games like number place (Sudoku) and 1010.
- People who want to train their brain with IQ games.
- People who want to play classic block puzzles like Woody Puzzle.

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