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About CropX Adaptive Irrigation

The CropX platform is a precision agriculture solution makes it easier than ever to track soil, water, and crop conditions with high precision in near real-time.

Use CropX to take the guesswork out of irrigation scheduling, soil salinity management, and much more. Take action using CropX’s powerful data and analytics tools to boost crop profits, save on input costs, and document your management practices.

Connect to iOT Sensors and Equipment -

Guided sensor installation for CropX’s unique patented soil sensors with spiral design for unmatched accuracy on soil moisture, temperature and EC. The CropX soil sensor is the industry’s easiest-to-use and most accurate. Connect to additional iOT sensors, weather stations, irrigation system controllers, farm management data, satellite imagery and more. CropX guides you through every step of the quick setup process so you are up and running in minutes.

Automated Data Analytics and Recommendations -

Get easy access to automated irrigation scheduling, helpful soil moisture forecasts, soil water status alerts and more. CropX’s AI system uses advanced agronomic data science to learn your soils without the need for cumbersome manual data inputs.

Irrigation System Programs and Control -

Create machine-readable variable rate prescriptions to maximize water productivity and manage variability in your soils. Directly upload to compatible controller types. Use single sign-on to some compatible irrigation system controllers to gain remote access to your system controls from CropX.

Alerts, Notifications, and Collaboration Tools -

Enable customized notifications to get alerted ahead of time before agronomic problems occur. Send and receive recommendations, scouting notes, and other messages across your team and trusted advisors. Configure notifications for text, email, and phone alerts.

Dashboard View -

Efficiently keep track of any number of connected fields and devices across your operation. See helpful operation-level summaries of agronomic conditions and hardware status. Easy drill-down from the overview dashboard to individual fields and units.

Reporting and Documentation -

Fast push-button reporting helps you document crop management practices on-demand. Effortlessly keep a record of your performance season to season. Share reports and data on your precision irrigation implementation with your trusted partners with just a few clicks.

Benefits -

CropX pays for itself through improved crop profitability and more crop per drop. Our customers typically report positive ROI and an investment payback period of just one season.

The power of underground soil insights, simplified. CropX gives you an eye underground to see the true growth conditions of your crops. There is no more powerful way to track root health and the favorability of soil conditions surrounding the crop. CropX allows you to tap into these incredibly powerful insights without all the cumbersome technological barriers to success, and combines them with above-ground data to give you the complete picture.

Peace of mind and resiliency during challenging weather. Every weather year has its challenges. CropX allows you to transition from guesswork to data-driven decision-making, to better handle those unexpected or unusual weather situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is CropX?

CropX is a precision agriculture solution that allows you to track soil, water, and crop conditions in near real-time.

What can I use CropX for?

You can use CropX for irrigation scheduling, soil salinity management, data analytics, and more.

Can I connect iOT sensors and equipment to CropX?

Yes, you can connect CropX to iOT sensors, weather stations, irrigation system controllers, farm management data, satellite imagery, and more.

How does CropX provide automated data analytics and recommendations?

CropX uses advanced agronomic data science and AI to provide automated irrigation scheduling, soil moisture forecasts, and soil water status alerts.

Can I control my irrigation system using CropX?

Yes, you can create machine-readable variable rate prescriptions and directly upload them to compatible irrigation system controllers using CropX.

Does CropX provide alerts and notifications?

Yes, you can enable customized notifications for agronomic problems and receive recommendations, scouting notes, and messages.

How can I view the data in CropX?

CropX provides a dashboard view where you can efficiently keep track of your fields and devices, with operation-level summaries and easy drill-down options.

Does CropX help with reporting and documentation?

Yes, CropX offers fast push-button reporting to document crop management practices and allows you to easily share reports and data with partners.

What are the benefits of using CropX?

CropX improves crop profitability, provides a positive ROI, and helps with data-driven decision-making during challenging weather conditions.

How does CropX allow me to track root health and soil conditions?

CropX provides underground soil insights, allowing you to see the true growth conditions of your crops and track root health.
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