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About Muslim Kids Quran✅

An interactive kids quran application for children coran pour enfant to learn 抖音 and memorize the control infantil. The application is directed to the age groups cat chuong from 3 years up to 12 years old and even to faransia the uneducated People 贝贝.

1. Surah Al-Fil
2. Surah Quraysh
3. Surah Al-Ma`un
4. Surah Al-Kawthar
5. Surah Al-Kafirun
6. Surah An-Nasr
7. Surah Al-Masad
8. Surah Al-'Ikhlas
9. Surah Al-Falaq
10. Surah An-Nas
11.Surah Al Fatiha
12.Surah Al Houmaza
13.Surah Al Qadr
14.Surah Al Adiat
15. Surah Al zalzala
16.Surah Al Qariaa
17.Surah Al Takatur
18.Surah A Tin
19.Surah Al Asr
20.Ayatul Kursi

- Excellent repetition technique and free kids дитяча shows allows the child to repeat cat chuong the verses at the end of the reader so that the child can
программа обучения remember and Memorize.

quran bayan with kids programming shows for free for kids you can teach kids quran and make them smarter .

app for students also memorize quran for kids with audio share

- Simulation of the senses of the children's audio, visual control infantil through an interactive program colorful for muslim children quran recitation

It is nice i like how it reads to my kids it has a lovely voice my kids don't complain about it like other apps and i don't have to force them to listen to it. Other apps my kids would complain that it has t...
Faduma Awow family
Also add the rest of jus amm
Hamoudi Arwani
Good job
Nurdiana Mohammad