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About SXFI App: Magic of Super X-Fi

Imagine capturing the listening experience of a high-end multi-speaker system in a professional studio, and recreating the same expansive experience - with the original depth, detail, realism, and immersiveness – in your headphones. Welcome to the magic of Super X-Fi with SXFI App!

Super X-Fi technology works by mapping the head and ear, and transforming audio based on those features, for the individual. It allows you to experience audio as if it’s coming from outside the headphones, and the headphones seemingly disappear!

Leveraging on leading-edge precision technology that maps the distinct acoustics of an audio system projecting sound to the human ear in three-dimensional space, the SXFI App utilizes Super X-Fi technology to deliver a holographic audio experience that intelligently translates that complex information into an identical breath-taking listening experience for the headphones.

In addition, everybody hears sound differently in the real world, depending on the shape of one's ears and structure of the head. The Super X-Fi technology further uses Artificial Intelligence to predict how an individual hears sound based on the map of the individual's head and ear, then utilizes computational audio to transform and custom tailor the audio to each individual, so that it sounds perfect to each and every one, and like what they hear in the real world.

Key Features:

* Built-in Super X-Fi technology lets you magically experience audio as if it’s coming from outside your headphones.

* Easy-to-use smart device camera-enabled head mapping that captures your unique head and ear features for a tailor-made audio profile--get the most natural headphone listening experience!

* Supports playback of local music files stored in your device.

* 10-band Equalizer for further audio customization.

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Eargasm. Wished it could be used for streaming too but aa well
Pooi Kim Caskey
Excellent soind!!
Chandra sekar Veerappan
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