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About Deepware Changes I Ching

IMPORTANT: Solved compatibility issues.
Deepware Changes is a computer based on the I Ching or Book of Changes. These are the main features:
Interfaces designed for a reliable communication with your unconscious mind.
Original to-the-point texts in SIMPLE ENGLISH, adapted to the western mindset.
Multiple tools for interpretation and analysis.
Innovative concepts management systems for the exploration of meanings.
Suitable for all kinds of phones and tablets.
Sober design, no pseudo-eastern folkloric stuff.
Sharing and export options.
• Three Coins Method
• Yarrow Stalks Method
• Taps Method
• Manual Method
• Full Text
• Fast Text
• Graphical
• Body
• Conceptual Combinator
• Internet Texts (including Richard Wilhelm's one)
• History
• Archive
• Export
• Index
• Key
• Code Merger
• Narrative Sequencer
Detailed app info and problem solving at
Special Permissions: This app stores everything in the SD card in order to keep data between installations, therefore it needs storage permissions.
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This app is well done, U get so much from the readings
william london
This is an amazing app! The functionality, the design, the information and predictions are spot on! Love it. Congratulations.
Mark Bond
Very well done!
Stefano Marras