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About Deepware Brainwaves

► Sounds for open minds.
► THIS APP NEEDS A POWERFUL DEVICE! It is not suitable for old tin boxes.
► Deepware Brainwaves is a set of audio modules designed to influence your brain activity. These are its features:
Preinstalled factory presets, so you can start using this app in less than a minute.
Real-time sound synthesis, no huge audio files that take a lot of room in your device storage.
Automatic music composition, no more boring endless beeps!
Fully tweakable machines that will delight all geeks out there.
Samplerate qualities from 11025Hz to 96kHz, 16bits depth.
Several types of binaural synthesis, all of them cumulative and combinable.
Module management. Add and remove machines at your wish!
User presets management. Create, store and retrieve your own sound designs!
WAV exporting.
Timer adjustment from 2m to 24h.
► The embedded modules are:
NOISE: Stereo generator of noises of diverse spectral distribution.
CLICK: Binaural pulses that move across and around your head.
CHORD: Polyphonic binaural synthesizer and programmable automatic music composer.
All of them include independent Amplitude Modulation controls.
► Please note that:
You will never get bored! The automatic composer is able to improvise and avoid repetition.
Full ranges of brain frequencies can be covered simultaneously, thanks to the app's modular architecture.
All info is stored in the SD card. Stop worrying about losing your data if you change your device.
More info is available at
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Very cool and useful app. Easy enough to navigate/use. It is pretty much all layed out in front of you. The only reason i did not give five stars is the fact you cant download the files. There may be a way, ...
Jamie Eades-11
Intriguing app. Very high quality design. I recommend.
James Pierce
Wow incredible! It is good for many purposes. Please make it more easy and less complicated to use the buttons and stuff
Allan Rodrigues