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The TRAQ app is your go-to partner for tracking athletic activities. The TraQ Performance Gear helps in tracking metrics during activities such as Running, Cycling and Swimming.

When in sync with your TRAQ watch, it reflects and records all the data captured by your watch. This means that you can come back to this app for every detail of your performance, past and present. You can also improve your future performance with this app. To know more, keep reading.

TRAQ is available in two variants:
TRAQ Cardio – For the runners and the cyclists
TRAQ Triathlon – For the triathletes

Your TRAQ app is constantly measuring your performance on multiple parameters. It counts every step you take and estimates each calorie you burn. It measures your racing pulse as you run, records every kilometre you cycle and it tracks your swimming metrics accurately.

As you physically push yourself towards getting better every day, it can help to be mentally aware of how far you’ve come. The TRAQ app is perfect for this purpose, as it keeps a record of all the stats it collects from your every performance and summarises it in charts and figures. It lets you view your improvement at a daily, weekly and monthly level, giving you a better understanding of the finely tuned performance machine that your body is.

We know that it’s your way or the highway when you step outside to cycle or run or jump into a lake for a swim. The TRAQ app maps out the new routes you discover as you outperform in the outdoors. The app works in harmony with the GPS feature in your TRAQ watch and lets you save the route once you’re done with your activity. This means that you can rediscover new paths that you stumble upon during training.

With your TRAQ app, you can set daily goals for your training, track them at any moment and outperform your previous score. Living up to the challenges you throw at yourself is a breeze, as the performance charts on the app map out your progress and inspire you to push harder. Compare your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly stats and outperform your only competition - you.

The one thing that makes training even better is training with your friends! Connect with your buddies easily using the TRAQ app. If they have the app too, send and accept invites to add them to your ‘My Buddies’ list. Chat with them, nudge them if they haven’t achieved their goals, cheer them on when they are close and applaud them when they accomplish their goals!

Want to revamp the look of your TRAQ performance gear? Change the watch face of your performance gear with the TRAQ app. Choose from several options according to your preferences and the details you want your watch face to have.

You can accept or reject calls directly from the TRAQ watch and view SMS on-screen. Simply accept the necessary permissions required on your phone to start receiving notifications.

Get the latest weather updates before heading out for your training. Time every move you make with clock features like alarm, stopwatch and timer. Experience the thrill of training with music that has the right BPM, through the music control feature.

Want to learn more about outperforming with TRAQ? Visit

Note: READ_CALL_LOG permission is used to enable call notification on your TRAQ watch.

Just one drawback once the phone is switched off the watch needs does not shows call and other notifications!(triathalon)..the app need to be re-installed and the watch needs to be paired again..then it work...
Mohammad Shaikh
Sarita Khairale