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About SensorPush

SensorPush is the easiest way to monitor the environmental conditions affecting the things you care about. Quickly pair the app with our Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensors (available at and enjoy the sleek interface for viewing current and past conditions. Add the SensorPush G1 WiFi Gateway for easy access to your data from anywhere, using our included cloud service.

In addition to the elegant current conditions and time series displays, the distribution views give you instant insight into what temperature and humidity levels are most prevalent in a location and what the extremes were for the previous hour, day, week, month, or year.

Of course, as much as you care about your home, musical instruments, family heirlooms, art or wine collections and other prized possessions, you don't need yet another chore: continually monitoring their thermometer and hygrometer readings. This is why we created a streamlined interface to configure desired conditions and enable alerts.

With the drag of a slider you can set the optimal range for any situation, whether it's a greenhouse or your guitar. Then when your Android device is within range of the sensor (300+ feet line of sight), it will be continuously monitoring conditions.

Even when you're away, the Smart Sensor will continue to monitor conditions and upon your return the data will be seamlessly pushed to your Android device which will notify you of problematic conditions so you can take action.

Love data? Export your entire history to CSV for analysis with virtually any spreadsheet or data application.

Try SensorPush today and protect yourself from moldy basements and attics, cracked and damaged musical instruments, ruined family keepsakes and other costly and frustrating mishaps caused by inappropriate temperature and moisture levels.

Does everything I need well
Eric Nager
With version 4.03, App does not allow me to set alerts for negative temps. I have emailed support and while they have been responsive, they have not been able to resolve. I have tried the app on 2 different ...
We are staying in a motorhome this winter in WI. We just had temperatures that were minus degrees during the night and we had to make sure the bay with the water pipes was warm. We set a low temperature to a...
Joan Brown