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About Calorie counter

Searching across favorite products will help you calculate your calories quantity per day without any difficulties.
• Proteins, fats and carbohydrates
• Nutrition Diary
• Large Products Base
• Without registration
• Will help to lose weight
• Offline mode
• Body mass index
n order to arrange your nutrition correctly one must know the contents and energy value of the products to be consumed. And the contents of fats, proteins and carbohydrates as well. The diet fine settings will help you lose or gain weight.
The calories counter will enable you to calculate the quantity and quality-related specific preferences of your menu. Choose the products you need out of the drop-down list or enter their weight in grams.
Check the statistics whenever and wherever you are.

all cool, but i have a question: can you add localization selection option into the app settings?
Костя Болдырев
Очень удобное приложение: приятный интерфейс, доступно и просто! Хомяк прекрасен :з
Диана Антонюк
I have this app for like a day but I already love it! Still adopting and trying to find out more! Thanks!
Dina Mazaylo
hi, i have been using the app for over three months now and there are couple of things i would like to recommend improving: 1. an opportunity to add the consumed food to the previous day as you had it before...
Maria Sidorenko
Cheryl Coquia
Пользуюсь этим приложением недолго, но оно меня радует 😊
Элеонора Ефремова