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About iVault - Hide Pics and Videos

The iVault application stores the data that you do not want to appear on your phone with a password.

🔥 Features 🔥

✔ Hides photos and videos; It stores and protects the photos and videos you add to the vault. It does not appear in the gallery.
✔ Private browser; your personal history, favourites.
✔ Alerts; If someone tampers with your vault, they will instantly take a photo and store it, you will see it when you open the app.
✔ Contacts; Your private guide can only be accessed with a password.
✔ Shapeshifter; Changes the app's icon and app name. It's a nice way to keep prying eyes away.
✔ Backup; With one click, you can instantly back up all your files, and you can open the backup on ios and android devices. There is no incompatibility.
✔ Notes; You can store your private passwords and notes here.

🕜 In development 🕙

♻ Google Drive Backup; Automatically backs up your files to google drive cloud.
♻ Amazon S3 Backup; Automatically backs up your files to amazon s3 cloud.
♻ Microsoft One Drive backup; Automatically backs up your files to the one drive cloud.
♻ Fake account; If someone forces you to enter a password, fake content appears as if they were opened by entering the fake password.
♻ Home screen switching; Keypad, calculator, crypto exchange trading screen when opening iVault application, another way to keep it away from prying eyes.

Also, if you have ideas for development with the iVault : safe case, please send us your comments and suggestions to ✉ [email protected] ✉ via e-mail!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is iVault?

iVault is an application that stores and protects photos and videos with a password, ensuring that they do not appear in the phone's gallery.

What features does iVault have?

iVault has features such as hiding photos and videos, a private browser, alerts when someone tampers with the vault, password-protected contacts access, the ability to change the app's icon and name, easy backup of files, and a notes feature.

Can I back up my files with iVault?

Yes, iVault allows you to instantly back up all your files with just one click. You can also open the backup on both iOS and Android devices without any compatibility issues.

What are the upcoming developments for iVault?

iVault is currently working on features such as automatic backup to Google Drive, Amazon S3, and Microsoft One Drive cloud services. They are also developing a fake account feature and a home screen switching option to further protect your privacy.

How can I provide feedback or suggestions for iVault's development?

You can send your comments and suggestions to [email protected] via email.
Wai Yan Min Htet
I love it
Kutima Mr don
مهناز حیدری
very simple to use, I put the pictures that I do not want to appear in the gallery
Melis Türk
Natasha Chimanikire