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About RogueHero: Roguelike Battle Master

Create countless combinations of unique skills to survive in this action-filled scroll game! Fight your way through a rogue-like universe filled with amazing creatures, evil bosses, and terrifying weapons. Welcome to the world of Rogue Hero!

Will you be ready when dark times take over and the fight between good and evil, heroes and monsters begins?Rush forth on an unforgettable rogue action adventure, move from a mere hunter or archer to a true Rogue Hero!

■ Features

- Log-like scrolling action!
- Collect various gems and to create epic upgrades!
- Choose different gems to make your Rogue Hero invincible and unique!
- Combine 4 gems of the same rank, to master boss mode!
- Enjoy comfortable controls as you battle your way through epic tales and dungeons!
- Constant updates and developers with only your epic gameplay experience on their minds!

Dive into an roguelike, Archero-style game full of challenging quests, epic dungeons, and crazy waves. Collect exclusive equipment, weapons and heroes, go on missions and experience pure game entertainment! Kill monsters. Improve your hero. Battle form noob to master!

■ Caution
- Replacing or the deleting the game will initialize your data.

What a unique game from the archero-esque genre. This game isn't another rip off from the archero but instead this game stands out on its own with it's entirely different fighting way(2D) and unique characte...
Real great game. It's like the archero concept but 2d. I got to 560 on infinity torment. I'm just wondering whether or not y'all could add the Google play cloud so I don't lose all of this by uninstalling or...
kingoffrogs02's God Realm
Great timekill
Jason Carruthers
Bugs!! Astaroth's skill always make a screen freeze. A bit annoy when played daily dungeon, I can not play fossils in middle and difficulty mode. Then i missed those pet systems. Is it possible to bring them...
patrick thamchayatorn
great game
Mstr Miller