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About merry christmas 2021

Christmas is one of the most important festivals of Christianity, this solemnity, which commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, is celebrated on December 25 in many countries by millions of people around the world.
Christmas has been the main reason for gifts between friends and family, which better rule than surprise them with a nice Christmas card, it's a good way to tell them that we love them, that we remember them on such a special date, showing them this way how important they are to us. Here you will find beautiful postcards with phrases that will touch the heart of the recipient. Share them with family, friends and loved ones.
Say "Merry Christmas", "Merry Chistmas", "Happy New Year", "Happy New Year" sharing these beautiful postcards and they will thank you.
Merry Christmas and New Year is easy and simple to use, it is free and can be installed on all types of Android devices. It is not heavy what will facilitate you to share it with other people in social networks.
If you like Merry Christmas and New Year you can rate it and leave a comment or suggestions that can improve it.
Merry Christmas and New Year is a collection of images and phrases from the Internet, so we ask the authors that if there is any problem with the publication of the same communicate it, and immediately be removed from the application.
Merry Christmas and New Year is an application that contains advertising to help maintain programming costs. It's totally free.

This is a great opportunity to congratulate your family and friends in an original way with phrases Christmas cards and end of the year download this application for free on your social networks.
We have selected the best images and the most beautiful phrases that we have created for Merry Christmas and New Year, the best wishes for you.

Now you can enjoy the best collection of postcards with beautiful Christmas messages.
You can rate it or give us your suggestions, this way we will always improve thinking about you.
We hope you like this application images that have more than 50 photos with reflections for Christmas and New Year.
Merry Christmas and New Year is an application that contains advertising to help maintain programming costs.


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Despite this, a clear will to respect the rights under Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12, approving the revised text of the Copyright Law, and compliance with the obligations imposed by the Law 34/2002, of July 11, of information services society and electronic commerce, the creator of this application calls any natural or legal person who is the owner of any of the images contained therein, credit by email to [email protected], committing the creator of the application to the immediate elimination of said image after verifying, in his case, the ownership of the protected image.