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About Ubeya

Ubeya is a mobile app for hourly staff. The idea is simple - Ubeya lets you track your work schedule from your mobile phone, and your work becomes a little easier.

If you’re an hourly or temporary worker and all you want is an organized schedule of when you have agreed to work and where, easy access to all the information related to the job, a way to quickly communicate with other coworkers and managers if needed - is that too much to ask?

We decided that it's not. And even better, it’s free and it’s awesome.

With Ubeya, you can:
- View your organized work schedule in one place
- Manage your availability by accepting or rejecting shift requests
- Track your booking requests
- Chat with anyone on your team, co-workers and management
- Sync your schedule and details to your calendar
- Keep track of your working hours and salary
- Get directions to job sites
- Receive alerts and reminders for each shift
- Add multiple photos to your personal profile
- Clock in and out of shifts
- Provide managers with feedback

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