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About Constant Therapy

Constant Therapy is an award-winning speech therapy app designed to help people cope with aphasia, dementia and other speech, language and cognitive disorders caused by stroke or traumatic brain injuries. To date, thousands of users have completed over 110 million exercises using Constant Therapy.


• Practice speech, language, cognition, memory, reading, attention and comprehension skills anytime, anywhere
• Choose your recovery goals and we’ll deliver personalized tasks to help you get there
• See your progress in real time on your performance dashboard
• Access a library of evidence-based exercises developed by neuroscientists and clinicians
• Get the most out of Constant Therapy with one-on-one help from Customer Support specialists
• Try before you subscribe with a 2-week free trial
• Pair the app with cognitive and speech therapy you’re already doing in the clinic (even add your clinician so they can monitor your progress)

The Science Behind Constant Therapy:

Constant Therapy was designed by scientists at Boston University, and has won awards from the American Stroke Association and AARP. The clinically-proven app is recommended by speech language pathologists, neurologists and occupational therapists.

In a recent study of post-stroke rehabilitation practices published in Frontiers in Neurology, outcomes were compared among 3,686 patients who used tablet-based therapy at home independently and those who completed the same therapy in a clinic under the guidance of a clinician. The study found tablet-based home users mastered skills in a shorter time and practiced therapy more frequently than clinic users. Nearly one third (29%) of users who made gains were 71 years old or more, and the oldest user was 97 years old.*

Using Constant Therapy

- Try before you subscribe with a free 14-day trial

- Users can choose from two subscription plans: $24.99 per month or $249.99 per year.

Contact Us

Email – [email protected]

Visit Online –

Privacy Policy –

Terms of Use –

* Study published in Frontiers in Neurology, “Comparison of Therapy Practice at Home and in the Clinic: A Retrospective Analysis of the Constant Therapy Platform Data Set,” may be found at:

** Constant Therapy does not provide rehabilitation services and does not guarantee improvements in brain function. Constant Therapy provides tools for self-help and tools for patients to work with their clinicians

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