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About Color Namer

Ever wondered what the name for that color is? Or wanted a set of colors that could be described as 'dusty'?

Color Namer lets you name colors in the world around you using your camera. You can also explore the whole named colorspace with a color picker, search through color names, and find names for hex values.

The named colors in the app were taken from the results of the XKCD color survey: This huge survey asked real people to name swatches of colors. After some data processing by XKCD, the survey resulted in some pretty funny color names, like "ugly purple", "boring green", "vomit yellow" and "barney".

It so good
krystil joy Galvez
SM Shahedur Rahman
No.1 greaters app for find an colour. I have lot of doubt in colours....i solve my answers for this app. So 5 stars🤭🤭
Quick and easy to learn how to use. No messing about. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Richard Lawson
Amazing app , I definitely recommend it for those who looking for so many colors name wether it was by camera or by searching
احمد المحمداوي
The best app to find the colour name by using the camera scanner