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About Journal cognitive therapy, cbt diary

We strive to create a tool that can complement your work with a therapist. You can refer to the app as a "pocket psychologist". Control your mental health and be happy!

Here is a tool developed by people who once defeated their own depression and anxiety. Thanks to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), we were able to take control of our own inferiority complexes and now we want to help you go this way!

If you feel sadness, loneliness, guilt, shyness, apathy and a different range of feelings that interfere with life, then this diary is for you!

We believe that achieving happiness is the most important task in life. It is possible to achieve happiness only after finding spiritual well-being and harmony with yourself.

Only by conducting regular introspection can you find the cause of your worries.

With the help of the Cognitive therapy diary, you can:

1. Learn to detect disturbing thoughts and give them an adequate response.
2. Take psychological tests and determine your psychological profile.
3. Read books on cognitive psychology.
4. Increase " awareness” about your own psychological state and find peace of mind.

Diary of automatic thoughts

Write down the negative beliefs that arise. In this section, you can give an emotional assessment of your thoughts, determine the type of mental distortion.

Comparison Diary< / b>

Give arguments for and against your destructive belief.

Test on level of depression (bdi)

It will help you determine the level of your disorder, as well as give a conclusion and advice on how to improve your condition.

Psychological test to determine your personality weaknesses (hdu)

It will help to determine in which areas of life there are cognitive distortions.

Feedback from our users:

“Thank you so much for this beautiful app. I just started reading the book "Mood Therapy" and there I came across this exercise that needs to be recorded in the table. I thought, maybe there is such an application? And I found it, I'm very happy. Everything is done conveniently” " < / blockquote>

“This is the app I've been waiting for. It is almost perfect - it would be good to add a daily level of frustration and a mood scale (for those with BAR or PRL), so it will be easier to feel that everything is fleeting and the phase will pass.”

“When I got depressed, I could only think about one thing - I feel so bad. I read some books on psychology, but my procrastination slowed me down and I could not provide myself with psychological help. Thank you for making such a convenient interface. Finally began to solve their psychological problems”

Using the app, you can get primary psychological help, however, if your negative emotions are strong and you have suicidal thoughts, we recommend that you seek help from a specialist.

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