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About Notification history - Timeline

Android Go Edition does not allow third-party apps to access notifications, so this app is not available on Android Go Edition.

This is an app that saves notifications and helps you check them later. You will never see deleted messages from apps like Whatsapp or Facebook messenger that this app has not saved.

Be very careful not to store sensitive personal information.


With Timeline app, you can check the history of notifications for all apps at any time.

It makes you very easy to check your past activity because you can confirm which apps have triggered what notifications.

- Since notifications of all IM apps are recorded, you can easily find out messages, without having to open the the app directly. By checking the message only with notifications, you can let the other party that you have read the message.

- Record and manage notifications from all types of apps you love, like Line, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Watts apps and more.

- You can save the text and photos included in the notification together.

- Saved notifications can be backed up in CSV format at any time, and backed up files can be viewed via Excel or text viewer.

- Because the notification contents are automatically analyzed and tagged,
  You can easily search through tags.

- Search by specific word or specific date.

- The Live notifications feature allows you to jump directly to the specific situation that the notification specifies.

- You can exclude notifications from certain apps from your history.
- Touch and hold the name of an app on the main screen to exclude it from history immediately.
- You can also search for notifications by app name, keyword, and date, and delete those search results.
- You can exclude notifications that contain blacklisted words in the blacklist.
- Touch and hold the notification on the detail notification screen, you can blacklist the contents of the notification immediately.

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Duddeda Srilatha
This is the best app for viewing your notification history. I've tried all the other popular ones and this one was a clear favorite. Props to the developer!
David Mednikov
Srikanth. CH
Pramila Patade
Good information
madan lal banoth
Gerçekten en temiz çalışanı bu. Sade ve güzel arayüzü olan tek bildirim kayıt uygulaması diyebilirim.
Mert Tuberk