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About Thai keyboard: Thai Language Keyboard

Thai keyboard is best mobile keyboard for typing in Thai language. Thai writing keyboard app allows you to write and type message in Thai language and Thai text words. This Thai typing app is a new tool if you want to Type, Translate, Search, Send emails, write posts or blogs, chat or share with your friends on social media.

Whether you know native Thai language or not: Its perfect dual keyboard, Using Thai English themed keyboard you cannot only type in Thai but also type in English. While typing in English our smart English to Thai translation feature converts words/alphabets/text from English to Thai in a jiffy. This embedded translation feature makes Thai to Thai chat or English to Thai texting easier and faster than ever. Thai Language Keyboard is Best Thai typing with Stylish Themes and New Emoji’s. English to Thai keypad is an easy typing of Thai language and make it simple for all Thai Typing keyboard’s user who want to write English to Thai and switch Thai to English at the same time. Thai Typing Keyboard special design for these people who love Thai Language. Thai keyboard is best mobile keyboard for typing in Thai language

Through English Thai Keyboard You can compose emails in Thai Typing keyboard, post on social and write someone messages through Thai Language Keyboard. You can use Thai Typing App to write in Thai text. You can copy and paste Thai text anywhere through Thai writing App. Thai English Keyboard app is useful for Thai people and Thai speaking people across the world. This Thai keyboard app provides word suggestions to type in a fast way. Free Thai Language Keyboard you can write all Thai Alphabets, Thai letters and Thai words very quickly and easily. Thai Keyboard helps you to communicate with your world in your own language.


✔ Thai keyboard has MIC support, speak in Thai
✔ English to Thai keyboard Supports Both English keyboard and Thai Keyboard
✔ English Typing App has words suggestion for English Typing
✔ Thai Typing App has Words Suggestion for Thai Typing
✔ Fast Thai features, which convert your English typing into Thai Words
✔ Thai keyboard has Vibrate and sound on/off feature on key press.
✔ Thai typing keyboard has Different stylish Themes for Thai English Keyboard
✔ Hundreds of Emoji’s.
✔ Easily switch your Keyboard between English and Thai Keyboard


✔Install Thai English keyboard app
✔Enable Thai keyboard to start using it
✔Fully customize your keyboard style as you like
✔Want to turn typing sound on/off from keyboard? Go to settings
✔Turn intelligent auto text capitalization on
✔Want to turn vibration on/off for keyboard? Go to settings
✔Want to turn Autosuggestion on/off for keyboard? Go to settings

Type from English to Thai language

✔Write words or sentences in English
✔Enable fast conversion from English to Thai
✔Send/share/Forward the Thai text

Type in Thai Typing only

✔Tap to enable Thai alphabets and characters
✔Type words or sentences in Thai language
✔You’re good to go!

Thai keyboard very good working app one of the best and superb app.if your mobile keyboard not work properly so my opinion download this app and enjoy.
Jawad Hassan
Thai keyboard thai language to keyboard is the best amazing awesome excellent and superb application
Imran Syed5
Thai keyboard thai application is soo nice best awesome fanrastic excellent amazing and superb application
Imad Khan