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About Codo: Shared Todo-Lists & Reminders

Codo is a simple but powerful list-making app that helps you organize everyday life tasks.
Use it as a regular todo-app for private lists or use it for shared lists with real-time synchronization between devices. ✅📲

Intuitive design
Codo is built with a minimalistic approach. We believe more complexity does not equal more efficiency.
The goal of Codo is to be a quick and easy task management tool that require minimal effort for maximum productivity. That's why you won't see any clutter, ads or unnecessary features in this app.

✔️ Check a task off a list, add new tasks, delete tasks - list members will instantly see changes.

✔️ One button-press to notify list members when you want them to take a look at a list. 🔔

✔️ Create reminders for yourself and other list members. ⏰

✔️ Simply shake your device to clear completed tasks from a list. 📳

✔️ All your lists can be customized with different icons and backgrounds to be easily recognized and separated from one another as they have their own unique feel. A quick swipe will allow you to open a different list.

✔️ Works offline as well as online. Any changes made offline are automatically synchronized when you get back online. 📲

Always improving
Codo was originally built as a hobby project a few years ago and I still use it daily because of its usefulness. It has since been rebuilt with a more robust foundation to be able to support not just my friends and family but an unlimited amount of users. If you have any feature requests that you want to see in Codo we would love to hear from you as we always strive to make Codo even better! 😊

List Icons by icons8 / CC BY-ND

Background patterns by / CC BY-SA

Great, useful and simple app. Could be a bit prettier.
Pavle Mutic
Very simple and shareable. Easy to use and functional.
Brandon Barbour
Love it! Easy to use !
Ramona Rousseau