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About Care

With time being a critical constraint in finding the right donor, there must be a platform that is dedicated entirely to facilitate the process of connecting blood donors and blood recipients. This is the motivation behind creating an android application – Care, which connects blood donors to blood recipients along with providing additional features. Some of these features include:

• Option to create two different types of accounts: Personal and Organization
• Post and respond to blood requests
• Mark requests as urgent in case of an emergency
• Create events through Organization accounts
• View and respond to new events

This app is brought to you by Code Query. You can contact us on [email protected]

Donate to save a life!

Sign up was pretty smooth. No glitches
Danish Murtaza
If you saved one human being, you saved the whole humanity By Hazrat Muhammad SAW... An app which can save various lives & importantly easier to use.
muzammal abbas
Nice UI and very responsive. Great application that serves a great purpose.
Tahir Rasool