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About CocoFood

CocoFood brings much more experience of fresh- cooked meals from your neighbors as well as great group deals of Fresh produce offered right in your neighborhood. What’s more? There are neighboring services you may not know for just whenever you need urgently, and a neighbor connection where you can share your same values to strengthen your community.
• Food: You’ll just get your favorite, well-cooked food from your neighbors by just a few clicks.
The food’s flavor and texture are well- maintained in reusable or environmentally-friendly containers. That also helps to save the environment.

• Fresh Produce: Fresh produce deals are offered right to your neighborhood. The agricultural and fresh produce are well-certified, and updated in the suppliers’ information. Take advantage of this by together with your neighbors, buying vegetables, fruits… at very good prices.

• Community: You’ll have the contact list of neighboring services such as water, gas, cleaning services when you need any of them urgently. Also, you together with your neighbors can build up a better community where everyone benefits by helping and supporting others who are in need, or sharing and doing something for a good cause.