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About Prioritize Me! - Goals & Todos

Prioritize Me! - organizing your life, one task at a time.

Prioritizer helps you rank a series of goals or options which are most attractive to you. Enter as many as you like different goals to which you or your family aspire:
- Short-term goals (Which movie to see? Which vehicle to buy? Which college to attend?..)
- Long-term goals (Where to take a great vacation this summer? Where to invest to secure a comfortable retirement?..)

The Prioritizer will then ask you a series of questions that force you to choose between each possible pair of goals. Based on your answers, it will then compute a preference score for each goal and an overall rank order for the list.

Prioritize Me! can be helpful by building a bucket list of todos. You have hundreds of tasks, wouldn't it be great to get the important ones done first and organize your life around them? Well, Prioritize Me! helps you to do this.
App puts your todos right at your fingertips. It's clutter-less and stress-free, allowing you to get on with what matters most. Prioritize Me! asks you questions such as: what is more important? followed by two of your todos. Prioritize Me! gets to know you, and then it builds a list of balanced todos for the next day and so on. There has never been a reminder app this smart. Increase your productivity, manage your life and keep your schedule balanced. Prioritize Me! is your life companion - allowing you to add todos and ideas with just one tap.

So, you’ve finally made a list of the ideas. Is it your new business idea? Or gift idea for your spouse? (great work!) However, your challenge now is knowing which of them are better or more important… your priorities! You’re not alone… Many of us have struggled with this problem and Prioritize Me! can help you with that.

Managers and their employees? Engineers or women who go to store with their grocery list? Actually this simple and powerful tool is perfect not only for procrastinators, but for everyone who wants to bring structure to their life.

- Already have a todo list? No problem, Prioritize Me! “smart paste feature” allows you to paste text to form a priority list - cut corners... save time.
- Completed task? Easily tick and task will be marked as done.
- Share your todos with friends on Facebook, Twitter, via SMS or Email to gain vital encouragement and tips. You can also send your priority list directly to your todo app of choice (, Google Task, Remember the Milk, etc.).

PRO* version includes (in-app purchase):
- Unlimited history records
- Ad-free
- No ad-slogans
- No pop-ups
- Priority support
What other say about Prioritizer tool?

Lifehacker. “Order your financial goals”
The Prioritizer puts your financial goals against one another in pairs to determine what's most important to you. You enter a set of money goals - like "Get out of debt," "Built nest egg," "Secure retirement," "Pay off mortgage" or even "Go on a cruise next summer" - and Prioritizer uses forced choice analysis to rank each goal's priority. Based on your answers (ie, retirement over cruise, but cruise over mortgage), each goal gets a number score, one you can use to figure out how to split up that unexpected bonus based on priority. This one takes some serious thought, but it's a nice way to whittle down your goals to what's really important to you right now. — Gina Trapani

Daniel Doughty
That's a nice tool. If it's something like what I've been using lately, it's a sort of whiteboard brainstorming sort of exercise. You sit down and just write down any goofy idea that you would like to do. Renovate an old house. Pay off the mortgage. Learn to fly. Quit your job and volunteer to spank penguins in Antarctica...etc. I then used my own analysis to break down the ideas into my GTD system. This is helping me take some risks with moving jobs and in other areas that I would otherwise let slip by me.

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Really great app in helping prioritize A really must.
Sims Kiefer
Great concept app.
Robert James
Very useful app.
Ian Mullock