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About Chordbot

Chordbot is a music app that lets you create and play complex chord progressions quickly and easily.

Use it to:
* Experiment with advanced chord progressions without instruments or fingering charts.
* Create customisable backing tracks for instrument practice sessions.
* Rearrange new or existing songs with different instruments and comping patterns.
* Experiment with music theory without having to master an instrument first.

* Add some interesting chords
* Select a few instruments patterns
* Hit play. Fiddle around with chords and arrangements in real-time until you find something you like
* Export as MIDI, refine in DAW, release song, profit (optional)

Key features:
* 60+ chord types in all keys and inversions
* 400+ dynamically mixable instrument tracks
* Key/inversion/root note control
* Support for song sections with separate arrangements/mixer settings
* Song-O-Matic - Automatic song generator with pop, jazz and experimental profiles
* MIDI/WAV export

This is the full version of Chordbot with all features enabled. There is also a free evaluation version (Chordbot Lite) with disabled save/export features that you could/should try before buying this version.

See for more information and audio demos.

Please report all bugs and problems to:
[email protected]

Amazing app for playing leads against a progression or just coming up with quick song ideas
Romeo Erasmus
Great app tho
Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Would you add INTRO or FILL pattern in each instrument, because idk how to make a contrast transistion without that huhu
Riandi Dermawan