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About Choice

It’s like “Spotify”, but for visual content! Choice is a collaborative way to discover your aesthetic by getting quick and easy exposure to a ton of the best art, fashion, travel, and design images added by other users. It’s the perfect way to pass time, whether you’re waiting for a ride or bus, your food delivery, or your laundry to finish.

Not only can you grow and organize your own personal collection, but you can get credited for promoting your favorite content to others with similar tastes. Choice tracks the “discovery curve” for every image, so we can tell you exactly where you contributed to the “virality” of a piece. If you ever thought “I liked that before it was cool” – now you can prove it.

See something you like? Learn more about it with a quick swipe and read thoughts that other users have posted. If you want to dig deep on a specific aesthetic, let Choice generate a custom stack of visually similar content for you.

Choice believes in fresh content, creator attribution, and private browsing. Every upload is checked against our database of existing imagery and duplicates are rejected. Artists and creators are given featured placement on every piece, and users are encouraged to help identify sources and other descriptive data. Finally, you never need to worry about what you like or dislike with Choice, because no one can see your preferences. Discovering your tastes is a personal journey, and Choice gives you the freedom to explore whatever you’re drawn to.

Unlike other social networks, you’ll automatically grow a following in Choice, simply by using the app. Every time you contribute to the community or promote content, you’ll earn “signal”, which is a measure of your reach in the network. As your signal grows, Choice automatically identifies more users with similar tastes to add to your audience pool. When you promote content, everyone in your audience will see it immediately (without knowing it came from you) and you’ll earn even more signal based on how they react to it. It’s a positive feedback loop that’s meant to meaningfully reward good contributions to the community.

With Choice, you can become a curator, an influencer, an art critic, or just a version of yourself that has broadened their horizons. See things that surprise you, that move you, that unsettle you, and that inspire you. Find excitement, earn an education, and get exposure. Above all, discover the best the world has to offer with Choice.


• Swipe through amazing images.
• Never see the same thing twice.
• Save and organize your favorite content.
• Share your thoughts with the community.
• Level up your influence in the network.
• Get credit for finding great things first.

Just getting started and already amazed. This is outstanding .
Martha Avila
Really amazing app with an awesome focus on artists. UI is excellent and enjoyable to use. I highly recommend trying choice out!
Noah MacLeod
The new addiction! Forget swiping on dating apps, enter discovering art and photography in the most intuitive, explosive, and rewarding way possible! I cannot wait to see where this goes, it's absolutely inc...
Jonathan Wise