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About Birda: Birdwatching Community

With Birda, anyone can get outside, record their birding experiences, and share them with a fun and inclusive community that can guide your birding journey.
Grow your nature knowledge. Help save our environment. Find a flock of friends.

Have fun while using your smartphone as a powerful tool to help conservationists protect a myriad of bird species. Here's how it works:

1. Jump on the app.
2. Head out, heads up.
3. Log your bird sightings - one at a time or multiple sightings as part of a birding session.

- Unlock achievement badges.
- Take part in local and international challenges.
- Build up your life lists, automatically created by time and location.
- See what friends, family, or other users have spotted.
- Get species suggestions from the Birda community.
- Log sightings and sessions even when you’re offline.
- Choose from multiple taxonomies.

This is a list of all the birds you've spotted and logged.

Other apps often have just an ‘all-time’ list showing everything you've logged. However, Birda automatically generates sub-level lists based on time and geographic location. For example, you can see all your ticks for the last month or year as well as your ticks for specific regions, countries or nature reserves.

You can also choose have a 'home list'. Birda will automatically create a privacy zone of 400m around your address and add the sightings you log to this list. This privacy zone means the exact location of sightings at, or close to, your home are hidden to everyone except you.

You have control over what you share with others on Birda, through your Location Privacy Settings you can control who sees the exact location of the sightings you post on Birda. If you hide exact locations, Birda shows a vague sighting area but no location pins.

Through Audience Privacy Settings, you also control who sees the content you post on Birda. Choose your audience for each sighting or session, or change the default audience privacy in your profile settings.

Birda welcomes anyone curious about nature, no matter your level of knowledge or previous experience.
- For casual nature-lovers, it offers an easy way to access and learn about birding.
- For serious birders, it brings the IOC, Clements, and Birdlife taxonomies together in one place – any ornithologist’s dream.

At Birda, we believe that the natural world belongs to us all. We want as many people as possible to enjoy it, so they are inspired to fight to protect it. Just download Birda and begin today. A flock of friends is waiting for you.

- Imports from eBird, Bird Journal, Birdlasser, Birdtrack and many more

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How does Birda work?

Birda works by allowing users to record their bird sightings and share them with a community of birdwatchers. Users can also unlock badges, participate in challenges, and receive species suggestions from the community.

What is a life list in Birda?

A life list in Birda is a list of all the birds a user has spotted and logged. Birda automatically generates sub-level lists based on time and geographic location, allowing users to see their ticks for specific regions, countries, or nature reserves.

How does Birda handle privacy?

Birda allows users to control their privacy settings. Users can choose who sees the exact location of their sightings through Location Privacy Settings and control who sees their content through Audience Privacy Settings.

Who can use Birda?

Birda welcomes anyone curious about nature, regardless of their level of knowledge or previous experience. It is suitable for casual nature-lovers looking to access and learn about birding, as well as serious birders who want a comprehensive birding app.

What can I expect from Birda in the future?

In the future, Birda plans to introduce imports from popular birding apps such as eBird, Bird Journal, Birdlasser, and Birdtrack, among others.