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About Chimege intro

This application is a demonstration of the first-ever Mongolian voice processing technology. Chimege technology further enables Chimege Writer to invert voice to text, Chimege Reader to invert text to voice, voice translation systems between Mongolian and other languages, Mongolian robots and other systems which simplify human-computer interactions, etc. Our research team reached a four percent error rate in our speech recognition system which is a human-level accuracy. As such, in terms of Mongolian language processing, we have established a milestone for the new age of the digital industry. We will continuously improve our technology and it will facilitate Mongolians to catch up advancements of the fourth industrial revolution.

Otgon Bayr
Mash goy boljee
buyna batbold
Helsen ug sain tanij bna. 👍
Enkhkhuslen Munkhbayar