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About CHEF iQ

Welcome to an ecosystem of smarter cooking with CHEF iQ®. The CHEF iQ® App is your home base for discovering new and delicious recipes, creating custom cooking settings for your favorite recipes, and plating craveable meals night after night.

Learn to cook with your CHEF iQ® smart devices, view helpful culinary how-to videos, and explore an ever-growing library of Guided Cooking recipes. The CHEF iQ® App makes it easy to discover your inner chef in the comfort of your own home, and to control and monitor the cooking process from your mobile or tablet device every step of the way.


• Pair your CHEF iQ® devices with your smart phone or tablet via simple WiFi connectivity
• Control your Smart Cooker™ anytime, anywhere and monitor progress with the Smart Bar™
• Real-time notifications from your Smart Cooker™
• Calculate and send precise cooking times, temperatures, and modes directly to your smart devices
• Choose from an ever-growing collection of delicious Guided Cooking recipes
• Follow along with step-by-step videos on every recipe
• Save and share your favorite recipes and cooking presets
• Learn cooking basics from the pros
• Search by ingredient, course, diet, and more
• Receive over-the-air firmware updates for your smart devices

Discover the smartest way of using your CHEF iQ® devices to pressure cook, slow cook, sear, sauté, and so much more with one simple app. Simply tell us what you’re cooking, and we’ll tell you how to get there.

This is an excellent multi-cooker. Several steps beyond the Instant Pot!
Richard Mansfield
Exceptional beyond words. Everyone should have one of these it really is the best cooking product i have ever used. And the app with it is right on point. Cooking really is dummy proof with the right stuff. ...
David Itchue
The app is working well with the pressure cooker. No issues. Could use more recipes but it is new as of May 2020.
Richard Garrison