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About Digital Field Compass

Digital Field Compass is a powerful and simple magnetic compass app, with all the information you need on one clear screen. This easy to use Android compass app has a unique sighting screen to take and store bearings to help keep you on track.

NOW with selectable new Holo dark themes.

The app shows your heading on an analogue compass, together with a digital centre panel displaying your heading in degrees.

Your compass heading and bearings are referenced to True or Magnetic North. You can also adjust the Declination for your current location.

Record up to three compass bearings using the three middle buttons on the top tool bar. The bearings can be displayed around the compass and can be used to get a three point compass fix. ICS compatible with no menu options.

Can be used in a marine environment for sailing, boating (now includes pitch and roll fields)

A great compass to use when hiking, hill climbing, walking or for general outdoor navigation and map reading training.

Anyone interested in Orienteering should download this compass app as a backup compass.

Other features: -

➤ Night mode with dimmed red colours.
➤ Orientation field i.e. (N,S,E,W,NE,SW etc)
➤ True North reference option
➤ Declination field, with user configurable value

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Peter Lamare
I just love light apps, efficient and smart.
Jack Balitok
I really wanted to like this, even with all the ads. It seems accurate once the internal compass has been calibrated by another app or the "figure eight" method. It has decent graphics and features. However,...
To much awesome
Guru vivek kumar G
Best of all compasses. Happily paid to get the pro. Calibration and true north options are very important. Highly accurate. I just wish that North would be marked more clearly in a different color.
Ami Yogev
technical is best
Mangrod Rodolfo