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About ParkMeApp (Sri Lanka)

ParkMeApp is currently available only for SRI LANKA and will be available for other countries soon. Stay in touch!

ParkMeApp getting bigger and better. We are happy to announce you the major feature upgrade ever we did for the app.

ParkMeApp is a parking app which allows people to discover available parking spots nearby to them. It also provides an opportunity for anyone who is interested in becoming the owner of a parking spot.

Are you struggling to find a safe parking spot that saves your money? ParkMeApp helps you compare and find the best parking spot from many options. ParkMeApp is your ultimate parking solution, we help you make good choices.

Download ParkMeApp today and enjoy a stress-free experience that meets all your modern day parking needs in contemporary Sri Lanka.

We working hard to get you more locations to your area please do reach us if you have any issues [email protected]

Why ParkMeApp?

Ⓟ Initially, we have added 5600+ Parking spots in Colombo city and our team is adding more spots around the country.
Ⓟ Navigates with the routes to the parking destination.
Ⓟ Find nearest parking spots based on your current location.
Ⓟ Easy to find a suitable parking spot while you driving.
Ⓟ Helps you to locate your vehicle in case you forget where exactly you park.
Ⓟ We consider about safety so you can search a parking spot or destination over the voice search.


Ⓟ Application Supports for English, Sinhala and Tamil Languages.
Ⓟ Find Parking spot nearby your location.
Ⓟ Color indicated spot bubbles added to identifying the availability easily.
Ⓟ Manage your own profile with your vehicle information.
Ⓟ Bird-eye view of all car parks nearby you, including prices for any vehicle type.
Ⓟ Compare price rates of the different spots and choose the cheapest and safest spot for your vehicle.
Ⓟ Detailed information about the car parking spot with the facilities they offer.
Ⓟ View parking spot on Google Street View or Real Images.
Ⓟ Save your favorite spots and get notifications when you near the location.
Ⓟ Add reviews and ratings for Parking Spots.
Ⓟ View Recent Search History.
Ⓟ Navigate to the car park you selected with the direction guidance.
Ⓟ Save your favorite spots and get notifications when you near the location.
Ⓟ Configurable notifications to alert you when there are new spots are added or updated.
Ⓟ Parking countdown to remind you the time you have left the vehicle in a parking spot.
Ⓟ You can become an owner and turn your free space to a parking spot and earn from the app.
Ⓟ We are adding more new parking spots and we need to identify what we missed so we added contributor feature to send us the location you like to see in ParkMeApp.
Ⓟ TPS - Newly invented parking spot category which stands for Temporary. Parking Spot.
Ⓟ Reserve a parking spot nearby you and park your vehicle without any hassle.
Ⓟ Brand new experience to find nearest Parking Spots via Augmented Reality.
Ⓟ You can find nearest EV Charging Stations.
Ⓟ Added Real-time parking availability to spot detail page.
Ⓟ QR Scanner to Generate receipt for ride with PMA Taxi Meter.

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Awesome idea.
Sameera Sandaruwan
Feelin awesome
Vipula Fernando
So good
Gayan Maduwantha
Great work, Keep it Up...👌👍
Shakthi Weerasiri
Very effective and useful app. Location are accurate and clear. Well done..
Sugath Abesekara
Very useful app.
A Google user