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About VIP Spades - Online Card Game

Play Spades FREE with millions of players from all over the world in our multiplayer social gaming platform!

Immerse yourself in the world of trick-taking, get familiar with the Whist family genre, learn how to bid properly and master the strategy aspect to become the best!

Break spades, master the art of bidding nil or even blind nil, trump properly and improve your skills as a spades player.

Game features:
β€’ SOCIAL ASPECT - Become a part of a huge friendly community! Add players as friends and like their profiles, send exciting gifts and rate their gameplay after each game!
β€’ TOURNAMENTS – Show your spades game skills! Take part in our regularly organized tournaments where you can play against the best players and receive big prizes when you win!
β€’ LEADERBOARDS - Get to the top of our own leaderboards! Prove you are the best in different, exciting and elite aspects!
β€’ ONE ACCOUNT – Play VIP Spades on your PC, laptop and mobile device with the same account. Use your account to play any of our online games in one app.
β€’ GET REWARDS –Log-in every day to claim your daily bonus, as well as to win even more free chips by using the Scratch card and the Wheel of Fortune!
β€’ MAKE NEW FRIENDS - Find players from all around the world that share your passion for card games!
β€’ PROFILE CUSTOMIZATION – Upload your own profile picture, write a personalized status, choose between a variety of custom-drawn borders, play with a different deck of cards and change the background of the table you play on!
β€’ VIP STATUS - Become VIP in Spades and gain access to even more social features and benefits in the platform!
β€’ GLOBAL CHAT – Talk about what excites you or discuss different spades strategies! Create new topics and get to know our players!
β€’ FREE TRAINING – Are you new to trick-taking card games but always wanted to try them?
Our challenging AI would provide you with a perfect environment to learn how to play spades in a stress-free way!
β€’ STABLE CONNECTION - If you ever get disconnected, jump straight into your spades game right away!
β€’ NO REGISTRATION – Start playing right away. Choose β€œContinue as Guest” to use our free card game app without having to register.
β€’ BALANCED MATCHMAKING - Guaranteed thrilling gameplay with players near your skill level that provides a fair experience for everyone.

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One of the best card games i,ve played sense your mama.
Richard Mcqueen
Finally, spades with human partners, not bots. Simple with no glitches, but I wish there was a chat room like the old spades leagues used to be! UPDATED: On 6/20/20, all of the sudden pop-up ads began interr...
Stellar Drew
It's Cool. My first game. I like it so far.
helen johnson