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About Castifi

What to expect with Castifi:

Trusted, vetted projects

When you join the Castifi community, you’re invited only to projects that the Castifi team has personally vetted. Gone are the days of the casting couch or the predatory casting director - Castifi does the legwork for you, so you can join productions with confidence.

Fast communication

Good news: with Castifi, you’ll never have to call into a phone hotline. Castifi’s purpose-built app allows you to view every detail of a job - from pay to wardrobe - all from your phone. Updates are communicated to you in real time, and you can always get in touch with a real human for help. The Castifi team is here to support talent, and we take communication seriously.

Get hired quickly

Because Castifi works with dozens of production companies all over the world, there are always new opportunities coming up for talent. Our talent has appeared in music videos, digital series, and commercials-- and there are more productions needing talent every day.

Get paid on time

Because we’ve eliminated the paperwork and processing that most talent payroll companies deal with, Castifi is able to pay talent out for work much more quickly than traditional casting companies. Instead of waiting for a check in the mail, talent can expect an electronic direct deposit to come within a week of the shoot date.

Rudy y juanito
Juan Abrego
so far everything is WAYYY WAAYYY off from what i was expecting. you know it was like ok to whaa. lol i just think now that iv seen this that its probly the most profesional and well thought out app iv seen....
FallTillApril Desiree
Castifi fixed the app. All problems were solved less than an hour. They're the best 😀
Takkiyyah Karriem