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About SoilWeb for Android

The SoilWeb for Android application accesses soil survey information (the SSURGO dataset, published by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service) at your current location.

This app was designed to be a lightweight version of the SoilWeb GMap web application. SoilWeb GMap features an interactive map for viewing and querying individual map units, while this app does not. However, SoilWeb for Android conveniently provides a link to the SoilWeb GMap web app.

SoilWeb GMap is available at

More information about SSURGO is available at

Features of SoilWeb for Android include:

- Soil profile sketches, estimated proportions, and geomorphic position of soil components associated with the SSURGO "map unit" identified at your current location.

- Map unit aggregate data such as estimated water holding capacity.

- Soil survey area scale and publication date.

- Component details: soil taxonomy, soil property depth profiles, land classification ratings, hydraulic and erosion ratings, forest productivity, soil suitability ratings.

- Links to Official Series Descriptions (OSDs) generated automatically.

- Component links to related web apps: Series Extent Explorer (SEE) and Soil Data Explorer (SDE).

- Link to the SoilWeb GMap web application at your current location.

- Location accuracy setting allows you to select between standard accuracy (less accurate, uses less battery power) and high accuracy (more accurate, but may use more battery power).

- Location auto-refresh feature allows you to continually look up soil data at a specified time interval.

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Frank Craft
Working on biodiversity project and this was very helpful.
Debbie Branigan
very useful for field work, property assessments, even recreational hiking for those who are soil-aware. has all the look and feel of a desktop GIS, but with none of the tedium. A great app for many professi...
Thomas Mohr